Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Hosts Enganda Football Tournament, MTN-Sponsored Bicycle Race in Kakumiro

In a weekend packed with adrenaline and sporting excitement, the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, in collaboration with MTN Uganda, showcased two remarkable events that captivated the hearts of locals and sports enthusiasts in Kakumiro district.

Enganda Football Tournament: Abairuntu Clan Triumphs

The first edition of the Enganda Football Tournament saw the Abairuntu, Abaseke, and Ababworo clans go head-to-head in a display of skill, teamwork, and determination. The tournament, held on Friday, witnessed a thrilling competition that ultimately crowned the Abairuntu clan as champions.

In a hard-fought match, Abairuntu secured a draw with Abaseke, with the final score ending at 2-2. Meanwhile, the clash between Ababworo and Abairuntu ended in a goalless stalemate, setting the stage for an intense final showdown in Hoima City in October.

Edward Muhimbo, the head of legal affairs in Bunyoro kingdom, commended the participating clans, emphasizing the significance of such events in nurturing young talent and promoting a healthy lifestyle. He urged the winners, Abairuntu, and all participants to maintain discipline as they prepare for the upcoming Enganda cup finals.

Oweki. Alex Katusabe, the chief administrative secretary of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, expressed his gratitude to the participants and the people of Kakumiro for their support. He underscored the kingdom’s commitment, in partnership with MTN, to continue fostering such events to unearth local talents and strengthen the bond between the kingdom and its subjects.

MTN-Sponsored Bicycle Race: Braving the Elements

On Saturday, over 60 resilient cyclists defied the early morning downpour to compete in the Bunyoro kingdom MTN-sponsored bicycle race held at Kakake playground in Kakumiro district. The men tackled a challenging 20-kilometer route, while the women faced a 10-kilometer race around Kagadi town council.

Magaragaroho Martin emerged as the victor in the men’s category, clocking an impressive 45 minutes to complete the grueling 20 kilometers. Despite multiple falls caused by the rain-soaked roads, Martin’s determination paid off as he clinched the top spot, securing a prize of 500,000 from MTN Uganda.

Tuhaise Gladys, a newcomer to the race, conquered the women’s category, describing her experience as “incredible.” Gladys navigated the 17-kilometer course with skill and determination, earning herself a well-deserved cash prize. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, acknowledging the challenging competition and the support of her fellow racers.

Edward Muhimbo reiterated the importance of such competitions in discovering and nurturing young talent while promoting a healthier lifestyle among the youth. He emphasized that these events would serve to showcase the talents of the region, stimulate competition, and unite clans for various developmental initiatives.

Final Results: Bicycle Race and Football Tournament

Bicycle Race (Men – 20 kilometers):

  1. Magaragaroho Martin – 500,000 UGX
  2. Alifunsi Kabuka – 400,000 UGX
  3. Kasada Geoffrey – 300,000 UGX
  4. Eria Kategaya – 200,000 UGX
  5. Tumwine Dickson – 100,000 UGX

Bicycle Race (Women – 17 kilometers):

  1. Tuhaise Gladys – 400,000 UGX
  2. Tumusiime Joyce – 250,000 UGX
  3. Magaba Scovia – 200,000 UGX
  4. Muhamadi Hidaaya – 100,000 UGX
  5. Nankula Scovia – 50,000 UGX

Enganda Football Tournament:

  • Abairuntu 2-2 Abaseke
  • Ababworo 0-0 Abairuntu
  • Abaseke 0-0 Ababworo

These two events underscored the power of sports to unite communities, discover new talents, and strengthen bonds within the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom. With the promise of more exciting competitions in the future, both the bicycle race and football tournament left a lasting impression on Kakumiro district and beyond.

Guest Writer