Opposition MPs Protest Exemption of UPDF Soldiers from Wealth Declaration

Members of Parliament from the opposition have raised objections to the proposed exemption of UPDF officers from publicly declaring their wealth through the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) and instead doing it through the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

They argue that since the army receives the largest share of the national budget, there are no threats to Uganda’s national security if their wealth is legitimately obtained.

Mityana Woman MP, Joyce Bagala, referred to Section 7 of the Leadership Codes Act, which states that declarations should be made public.

She argued that the IGG’s decision to create a special portal for soldiers to declare their wealth under the supervision of the CMI indicates a failure on the part of the Inspectorate to fulfil its constitutional and statutory duty.

Bagala further criticised the directive, stating that it violates Section 7 of the Act and is intended to shield UPDF from civilian scrutiny regarding corruption.

She emphasised that President Museveni cannot unilaterally amend an act of Parliament, and expressed dismay that the IGG is implementing an illegal directive.

Bagala questioned the justification for national security concerns over the wealth of senior UPDF officers if it is acquired lawfully, and urged the IGG to refrain from implementing illegal directives.

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