South Sudan Will Never Surrender Even a Meter of Land to Uganda – TNLA Spox Agany

South Sudan parliament spokesperson has warned Uganda that his country will not allow an inch of its territory to be annexed amid the border dispute involving the two neighbors.

John Agany made the daring remarks directed at President Yoweri Museveni days after the Uganda People’s Defence Forces – UPDF were reported to have entered South Sudan and entrenched themselves in Kajo-Keji.

On September 28th, the South Sudanese parliament called for a swift solution to the reports of encroachment by Uganda and Kanya.

This was after Hon. Joseph Kiju tabled the motion following reports of insecurity along the Uganda-South Sudan border near Kajo Keji county in the far south of the Central Equatoria State.

While appearing on South Sudanese local radio station Eye Radio, Agony said that they will handle the issue in a disciplined and diplomatic manner.

“If diplomacy fails, our countrymen are prepared to die defending their country,” said Agany.

“Let me remind him [Museveni] if he is listening to me.We are very diplomatic, we are very sensible but if he refuses, let Museveni get the necessary weapons to finish us all,” he added.

“We will never allow even one meter of our land to be taken by Uganda.”

Last Sunday, Kajo Keji county commissioner said the UPDF troops had moved deep into South Sudan and had been seen setting up tents.

Phanuel Dumo also disclosed that the troops appeared to have settled permanently in three locations and are not leaving.

The incursion also followed a directive by Central Equatoria government to border communities urging them to leave the border dispute in the hands of the South Sudanese national government.

South Sudan People’s Defence Forces – SSPDF spokesperson Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang said their army has agreed to standby and let the issues be handled diplomatically.

Chol Mawel