German Embassy Boosts Youth Empowerment in South Sudan

The German Embassy in Juba has partnered with the Grass Root Empowerment and Development Organization (GREDO), an organization that prioritizes child protection and youth and adolescent programming, to empower local communities.

A statement released on Thursday said the German Embassy remains steadfast in its support for grassroots organizations.

“GREDO assists communities in Sherikat (Juba) and Pibor counties by providing services for vulnerable children and adolescents. The project encourages youths and adolescents to participate in activities that enhance cohesion, team building, and behavioral change,” the statement read in part. “This includes involvement in sports and music, with support to professionalize their musical interests. Through the support from Germany, this project will also enhance other skills, promote the production of handicrafts such as bead making and embroidered products, and connect them with markets to sell their products.”

“The grant specifically equips these activities with sports, recreation, musical, and vocational equipment,” it added.

GREDO’S Executive Director, Mr Jaffar Mbugua Njenga, said they are appreciative of the funding from the German Embassy.

“GREDO is immensely grateful for the generous contributions of the German Embassy. Combined with support from our partner UNICEF, this project can serve as a catalyst for social change, promote safe behavior and prevent violence,” he said. “This is ultimately making a significant difference in the lives of young people in South Sudan.”

Dr. Björn Niere, Chargé d’affaires at the German Embassy, said they acknowledge the substantial challenges faced by the youth in South Sudan.

“Poverty restricts the opportunities for positive engagement,” he stated. “Supporting grassroots initiatives like GREDO helps to foster resilience and empowerment of marginalized groups. This will contribute to positive societal changes in South Sudan.”

According to the statement, Germany’s support extends beyond grassroots initiatives, encompassing large-scale projects aimed at promoting agricultural development, water and sanitation, promoting peace, stability, and good governance to improve the lives of South Sudanese people. This multifaceted approach highlights Germany’s enduring commitment to supporting South Sudan on its journey towards peace and prosperity.

Koch Madut