South Sudan’s Kiir Meets IGAD Envoy on Sudan Conflict

South Sudan President Salva Kiir met with Lawrence Korbany, the newly appointed IGAD envoy to Sudan, on Monday. They discussed how Korbany’s diplomatic expertise can be used to promote dialogue among the warring parties.

Korbandy, a South Sudanese lawyer, was appointed in March 2024 by IGAD to work with other stakeholders and international partners in finding a lasting peace solution. This appointment follows a pause in interactions between Sudan and IGAD in late 2023 due to alleged perceived bias.

President Kiir briefed Korbandy on his views on promoting dialogue among the warring parties. While the envoy outlined his strategies for restoring peace and stability in Sudan, commending Kiir’s regional peace efforts.

According to an IGAD statement, Korbany will play a key role in facilitating talks by engaging with stakeholders in Khartoum, including the different factions in conflict. His role also includes promoting common ground, establishing a robust coordination mechanism, and actively engaging in the peace process.

Diplomats and observers interviewed by Sudan Tribune believe Korbandy’s appointment is overdue, ideally in 2023. The initial plan for the envoy to report to the IGAD Quartet (Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti) was abandoned due to Sudan’s objections. IGAD has since adopted a new approach to its involvement in the peace process.

However, Sudan’s military rulers have frozen any direct dealings or involvement of the regional bloc in the Sudanese crisis. However, they would probably be involved in the Jeddah process alongside Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Koch Madut