URSB Targets Mass Formalisation of Businesses Across Western Uganda

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) has embarked on a significant formalization strategy by launching the Mass Business Registration Initiative for the Western Uganda Business Community. The launch event held at Hotel Triangle in Mbarara City attracted over 200 members of the business community, local area leaders, members of trade associations, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) business owners, religious leaders and diverse entrepreneurs. This initiative aims to streamline the business registration process, promote formalization, and provide accessible registration services to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Western region of Uganda.

Speaking at the launch, Robert Kanusu, the Mbarara North Resident City Commissioner said URSB’s community mobilization initiatives especially in the line of formalization would enhance the region’s economic fortunes. “Any activities that will propel the livelihoods of citizens to better status are welcome. I thank URSB for choosing to launch this initiative in this region. As leaders, we will support you towards the desired targets. I urge all citizens to work together with URSB and have their businesses registered. Use this opportunity to formalize your ventures and take advantage of Government initiatives like the small business facility, Emyooga funds and the Parish Development Model” He added

According to Ms. Annie Ninkijuka Katushabe, a member of the URSB Board of Directors, the Mass Business Registration Initiative is designed to simplify the registration process for entrepreneurs across Uganda by offering user-friendly registration procedures, clear guidelines, and efficient services. By removing barriers to registration and reducing administrative burdens, URSB seeks to encourage more businesses to formalize their operations and comply with regulatory requirements. We are here to fulfil this mission and we ask you all to join us and allow your businesses to flourish legally” She said.

Through the initiative, URSB also aims to promote compliance with legal and regulatory standards among businesses, ensuring that entrepreneurs understand their obligations, rights, and responsibilities as registered entities, according to Mr. Vincent Katutsi, Director Civil Registration who represented the Registrar General. By encouraging formalization, URSB helps businesses access legal protection, intellectual property rights, and the benefits of operating within a regulated framework. Our teams will be coming to your localities to support you as the business community comply with these requirements” Katutsi added.

With the launching of the Mass Business Registration Initiative in Mbarara, URSB aims to contribute to enhancing the business environment in Western Uganda, creating a level playing field for businesses, fostering entrepreneurial best practices, and promoting economic growth. Formalized businesses are better positioned to access financing, enter into contracts, and participate in economic activities that contribute to regional development and prosperity.

Johnson Ategeka