Roke Telkom Elevates Internet Connectivity with the Launch of Fibre to the Home and Enterprise

Dubbed “Live The Roke Life”, this campaign marks a significant milestone for Roke Telkom, as it directly connects residences, enterprises, and institutions to a state-of-the-art fibre-optic network. Unlike traditional broadband technologies such as microwave, FTTH and FTTE utilize optical fibre cables, delivering unparalleled speed, reliability, and performance.

” We are driven by the desire to provide Ugandans with internet that is reliable, fast, up to date and accessible in all corners of the country. Today we take a significant step towards achieving this desire,” said Peter Muhumuza, the Chief Technical Officer at Roke Telkom.

“With FTTH and FTTE, our customers can expect lightning-fast internet speeds, minimal latency, and robust connectivity, enabling them to seamlessly engage in activities such as gaming, streaming, remote work, and online learning.”

“Leveraging the ‘Live the Roke Life’ fibre campaign, we are poised to bring the transformative power of fibre optic technology to even more households and businesses,” concluded Mr. Muhumuza.

Fibre optic internet offers an array of benefits, including:

Ultra-fast internet speeds: With FTTH and FTTE, users can experience blazing-fast download and upload speeds, ensuring a smooth online experience for all activities.

Low latency: Fibre optic technology minimizes latency, providing a responsive and lag-free connection for real-time applications and gaming.

Reliable connectivity: Fibre optics are immune to electromagnetic interference and signal degradation, ensuring a consistently reliable internet connection.

Support for multiple devices: FTTH and FTTE can effortlessly accommodate multiple connected devices simultaneously, making it ideal for households and businesses with high bandwidth demands.

The campaign “Live the Roke Life” fibre is aimed at expanding Roke Telkom’s FTTH and FTTE coverage across targeted areas. The campaign underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing internet accessibility and empowering individuals and businesses with pioneering connectivity solutions.

“We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers by providing them with superior internet connectivity that fuels their aspirations and endeavours,” added Jesse Ntale, the Brand and Marketing Manager at Roke Telkom.

According to the UCC Q4 Market Report, in the period April to June 2023, the sector recorded total internet traffic of 154.6 billion GBs (downloaded or uploaded) from the internet. This is a 16 billion GBs growth from the 138.5 billion GBs posted in 1Q23. This is 12% quarter on quarter traffic growth from the 7% growth as compared to the previous period. Mobile internet traffic posted a 13% growth with a quarter end count of 144.5 billion GBs in comparison to the 128.4 billion GBs that was posted in the previous quarter. In the fixed internet traffic segment, the market maintained a quarterly growth of 10 billion GBs.

Muhamad Matovu