South Sudan: Warrap State Calls for Food Assistance Amid Worsening Hunger

The Deputy Chairperson for the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Warrap State, Mabil Ater Deng has called on humanitarian organizations to urgently supply food to assist thousands of people at risk of hunger.

“I am calling out for people of Warrap and humanitarian organizations to supply us with food. People are suffering, we have internally displaced persons (IDPs) affected by local conflict and vulnerable people with disability and the elderly within the host community,” said Deng in an interview on Friday.

Deng revealed that they are hosting thousands of returnees who fled conflict in neighboring Sudan, adding that they have managed to integrate 17000 returnees into various counties including Twic and Gogrial West counties.

He said the influx of returnees and refugees has already put pressure on the existing few local resources.

Deng also disclosed that they receive on daily basis at their offices about 2000 returnees, asking for food.

“The total number of returnees that came from Sudan is 19,223 persons, we have 388,305 IDPs across the State,” he disclosed.

Deng warned of imminent famine in Warrap state in the coming months.

“We need support not only in Kuajok but throughout Warrap State because even if they (returnees) are integrated, there is still a need for them to be supported because they are starving in their various counties,” he said.

“We believe that if there is no intervention, there is going to be starvation in Warrap State,” Deng said.

Warrap State is one of the States affected annually by floods, which in turn contribute to food insecurity.

Wek Atak