On SPLA Day: President Kiir Reiterates Call for Unity

President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Saturday called on all South Sudanese to embrace unity, peace and progress to safeguard the sacrifices made by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) during war of liberation fought decades ago against successive oppressive regimes in Sudan.

“As we commemorate SPLA Day, let us remember and honor all those who fought and sacrificed their life for our nation’s freedom. Let us strive to uphold the values of unity, peace and progress for which they stood,” said President Kiir in a statement posted on Thursday on the presidential Facebook page on the eve of the 41st anniversary of the SPLA Day.

“We salute the soldiers of the SPLA for their extraordinary valor and resilience. Their dedication to the cause of freedom has left an indelible mark on the history of our nation and we are forever grateful for their services and sacrifices,” it added.

President Kiir extended his deep gratitude to the people of South Sudan for their unwavering support and solidary during the liberation struggle, adding that the unwavering support and solidarity of the SPLA was the pillar of the liberation struggle.

“It was the unwavering courage and commitment of the SPLA soldiers that paved the way for our freedom, standing tall in the face of adversity. Together, let us continue to build prosperous and peaceful future for all the people of South Sudan,” he said.

SPLA Day is celebrated annually on May 16 to remember the fighters who shot the first bullet in 1983 in Bor town of Jonglei State, which kick started the liberation struggle for independence.

The guerillas led by the late Dr.John Garang Demabior fought a protracted war against successive regimes in Khartoum, which eventually paved way for the independence of South Sudan in 2011.

Wek Atak