UN Women Launches Project to Push for Women Political Participation

The United Nations Women on Wednesday launched the “peace and women political participation in leadership” project aimed to encourage more women engagement in leadership.

Korto William, the representative for UN Women in South Sudan, said during the launching ceremony in Juba, that women play pivotal role in driving progress across various sectors in the country.

“We will do our best as UN Women to identify synergies and ensure that there is meaningful coordination among partners, we want to highlight our commitment to addressing social barriers to women political participation,’’ said William.

She disclosed that the project focuses on mentoring and building leadership capacity of women during the ongoing transitional period.

The project will be implemented in Juba, Greater Pibor Administrative Area and Malakal.

Kido Joseph, the director of peace in the national ministry of peace-building, said the government and partners are focusing on grassroots communities to drive the interest of the general public.   

“The journey towards effective leadership, gender and women political participation is crucial,” said Joseph, adding that the government will continue to maintain the statistics of women holding high positions in government.

Ochaya James, the executive director for the National Press Club, said his organization will work in partnership with UN Women to break barriers facing women in leadership.

James also revealed that the National Press Club will be able to champion public awareness on equal representation and the need to increase the number of women in leadership.

“We are going to work hand in hand with UN Women in order to achieve the objective of the project, that is meant to break the barriers that are facing women political participation   and leadership in South Sudan,” said James.

Wek Atak