Movement for Compassion Launched in West Uganda

A new movement to create a “compassionate Uganda” has been launched from Kyegegwa in Western Uganda.

The launch marks the first time a regional chapter of Compassion Connectors Uganda has been formed after the national group was launched in February from Kamuli in the south of the country

Organizers say it shows that their message of “community, connection, and compassion for all” is gaining ground and inspiring more and more volunteers to join their movement.

At the launch, which was held at Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, the Western Uganda Compassion Connectors committed to a strategy focused on education and skills.

Their aim is to help more people know about the values of compassion and connection and to put these values into practice by giving skills and a greater voice to girls, boys, and young mothers.

The launch was attended by local council leaders, teachers, faith leaders, and members of the community.

The group is a part of the wider Global Compassion Coalition (GCC). The GCC is an international movement of compassion researchers, teachers, and activists working to spread and embed compassionate thinking, feeling, and action

Ayebare Prossy, coordinator of the Compassion Connectors Western Region, said:

“We’re very excited to bring this movement for compassion to Western Uganda. We know we face many challenges. But these are better faced together, through community, and with compassion for ourselves, others, and our planet. I believe that with that unity of purpose we can start to make a real difference to people’s lives and create whole communities based on the ideals of care and inclusion.”

Peter Waiswa, National Lead for the Compassion Connectors in Uganda, said:

“In a time marked by uncertainty and adversity, the importance of compassion has never been more evident. Across the globe, we witness the plight of the marginalized, the suffering of the oppressed, and the cries of the voiceless. Yet, amidst these challenges, we also find hope – hope in the resilience of the human spirit, hope in the bonds of solidarity that unite us, and hope in our collective ability to effect meaningful change.

“That we have already been able to launch a regional branch of the Uganda Compassion Connectors shows the power of our message. People are crying out for more community, connection, and compassion. It’s what makes us feel human. It’s what makes us feel as though we belong. I extend a huge thanks and congratulations to Prossy and her team and look forward to the impact they will be making.”

Matt Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer of the Global Compassion Coalition, said:

“Across the world our volunteers are changing entire communities. They are helping to create centers of compassion, care, and inclusion where everyone can feel seen, heard, and valued. And as we knit and stitch these different efforts together we will be able to create a groundswell of compassionate change the world-over.”

Charity Mbabazi