South Sudan: SSPDF Officer, Somali Trader Killed in Ngauro-Kapoeta Ambush

An SSPDF soldier and a Somali trader were killed, while two foreign nationals, a Ugandan and a Kenyan, sustained injuries in a road ambush along the Ngauro-Kapoeta Road on Sunday.

The incident occurred as a business vehicle, serving Warsham Mining Company, was en route to Kapoeta Town to purchase fuel for gold mining activities but fell into the hands of unidentified attackers.

Authorities reported that the suspected criminals engaged in a clash with security forces dispatched to the scene, resulting in no casualties, as the perpetrators remain at large. Last Tuesday, a 34-year-old individual was also killed along the same road.

Lotukalem Lokang William, Paramount Chief of Ngauro Payam, told Radio Tamazuj that the incident occurred at 8 AM. He stated that the deceased were taken to Kapoeta Civil Hospital for postmortem examinations, while the two injured victims were rushed for medical attention.

“A vehicle belonging to Warsham was traveling from Ngauro to Kapoeta when it was ambushed by criminals. A driver and a soldier were killed in Namurunyang, while two others, a Kenyan and a Ugandan, were injured. The deceased were taken to Kapoeta, and the injured were also transported there for further treatment. The incident occurred around eight o’clock in the morning. Soldiers pursued the attackers, leading to a clash, but their current whereabouts are unknown,” he explained.

Bendict Lokoro, Youth Leader in Budi County, confirmed the incident and accused the Toposa kraal owners of Kapoeta South of being responsible for the road ambush. He called on the Youth Leader of Kapoeta South to intervene and identify the culprits for justice to be served.

“I can confirm that two people were killed. A company was heading to Kapoeta to buy fuel for their mining operations in Ngauro when they were attacked on the way. One of the victims was a security personnel, a soldier. We hold the kraal leaders responsible because they have been causing trouble by attacking people on the road. These incidents have been linked to the Toposa community. It’s crucial for the Youth Leader of Kapoeta South to engage with the troublemakers and resolve this issue,” he explained.

Paul Lokale Lomana, Commissioner of Kapoeta South County, acknowledged that youth from Karenga ambushed a vehicle, resulting in two deaths and two injuries. He stated that security forces and chiefs have been deployed to investigate and track down the suspected criminals from Karenga.

“Yeah, I’m aware of the incident. It happened yesterday morning. A vehicle was reported to have been shot at, resulting in two deaths. We dispatched a convoy to investigate. Upon arrival, we discovered another incident involving casualties from the mining area. We’re mobilizing chiefs and soldiers to assist the government in tracing the perpetrators in Karenga,” he explained.

Dr. John Isaac, Medical Director of Kapoeta Civil Hospital, reported that the two injured individuals sustained bruises and soft tissue injuries on their legs and hands. He mentioned that they are currently receiving treatment at the hospital, and their condition is improving.

“Yeah, two deceased individuals were brought here yesterday, and two injured persons are undergoing treatment. Their condition is not severe, but they have bruises on their bodies and soft tissue injuries on their hands and legs,” he stated.

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