Denmark’s Victoria Larsen is Ready to Shine at Miss Supranational

After various training sessions and interviews, Victoria Larsen is preparing to shine internationally once more, this time at Miss Supranational!

Miss Supranational is set to take place in Nowy Sącz, Poland on July 6, and we’ll all be rooting for her!

Denmark’s Miss Supranational 2024, Victoria Larsen, is readying herself to shine on the global stage once more after being confirmed as Denmark’s representative at the beauty contest. With more experience in her arsenal and Miss Supranational in her line of sight, Victoria Larsen is ready to rock Poland.

“I am incredibly excited and honoured to have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Miss Supranational competition,” says a thrilled Victoria Larsen.

“I have been working tirelessly to prepare myself both mentally and physically for the competition. These preparations have included intense training sessions to enhance my physical fitness, catwalk, poise, and stage presence. I have also been working with top-notch trainers to improve my communication skills and develop a strong and impactful voice. I always say that the most important thing for me when preparing for any competition is to have a positive and healthy mindset and to put in all the necessary work.”

Earlier this year, the Roskilde-born beauty was selected to represent Denmark at the 2024 Miss Supranational. She is a graduate of Communications from the USA and is known for her ‘Her Way Out’ advocacy campaign, inspired to empower women to access legal knowledge.

Of her Miss Supranational debut, Victoria Larsen explains that it taught her so much about confidence.

“It’s about owning your uniqueness and embracing it. I learned how to stand tall, speak my truth, and carry myself with poise. The spotlight can be intimidating, but I realized that authenticity shines brighter than any spotlight.”

“As I step into the international arena once again, I carry with me the lessons learned. I know that genuineness, resilience, and an honest connection with people transcend borders. Whether I win a crown or not, I’ll continue making Denmark proud.”

In thanking Denmark for all the love and support in her journey so far, Victoria Larsen describes the experience as nothing short of heartwarming.

“To every person who has cheered me on, sent kind words, or simply believed in my dream, thank you. You are not just spectators, you are part of this adventure.”

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