South Sudan: Conflict Resolution Workshop Commences in Central Equatoria State  

The conflict resolution workshop organized by the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative opened on Wednesday in Juba, with the aim of ending communal conflicts in Central Equatoria State.

 William Ongoro, the peace and conflict resolution expert for the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative urged participants at the four-day training workshop to understand and resolve conflict issues in the community.        

“As leaders you would be able to position yourselves in order to have that space and platforms in order to understand conflict issues in Central Equatoria State, and how we go to reflect in the whole of South Sudan,” said Ongoro during the opening ceremony.

Ongoro noted that the workshop is focused on community empowerment targeting youth and women.

James Wani, the director for peace building in the Central Equatoria State ministry of peace building said that community leaders need to have capacity to resolve community conflicts. 

  “We have been doing a lot of conflict resolution and peace building across the State, we are building capacity of the grassroots, and you need also to build capacity of the leaders. Conflict is part of our life and the most important thing is to understand and deal with it constructively,” said Wani.

 He disclosed that peacebuilding is a collective effort, adding that inclusivity is very important in peace building.

Wani asked State members of parliament and national members of parliament to take active role in peacebuilding.        

Peter Wani, the Speaker for Central Equatoria State Legislative Assembly said there are a lot of challenges related to land issues facing people across the State.   

“We receive numerous challenges especially land issues, most of the people from States and three Administrative Areas are in Juba and therefore a challenge of land acquisition comes in, we want land to be owned in a right way that does not bring problem to individuals,” said Wani.   

Land conflicts are predominant in Central Equatoria State due to its strategic location in the country.                                                                                                 

Wek Atak