Roke Telkom Inspires Jesuit Refugee Service Students to Seek Careers in Technology

Roke Telkom, a homegrown leading provider of innovative telecommunications solutions in Uganda, hosted students from the Jesuit Refugee Service for an enriching visit to its Network Operations Center (NOC) today. This initiative aimed to provide the students with a unique insight into the world of telecommunications and inspire future career aspirations in technology.

The students were given a guided tour of the NOC, with highlights including stops at the monitoring stations (NOC), server rooms (Data Center), and the incident response area (Call Center). This hands-on experience allowed the students to see firsthand how a modern telecommunications facility operates.

“Our goal today is to demonstrate real-time network monitoring,” said Nobert Alinda, Client Support Manager at Roke Telkom. “Students were shown how Roke Telkom tracks network performance, detects anomalies, and manages incidents using advanced tools and technologies. The interactive nature of the demonstrations kept the students engaged and curious.”

Throughout the visit, students were encouraged to ask questions about daily operations, career paths in network management, and the challenges faced by NOC personnel. One of the students remarked, “It was fascinating to see how technology is used to solve problems and ensure connectivity. This visit has inspired me to learn more about careers in tech.”

“Improving livelihood opportunities is not just about economic self-sufficiency; it is also about restoring dignity, confidence, and hope while promoting integration into the local community and strengthening social cohesion,” said Innocent Erima, Country Information Technology Officer at Jesuit Refugee Service. “This visit aligns with our commitment to supporting the resilience and resourcefulness of the youth, fostering their independence and self-reliance.”

“Roke Telkom is proud to support Jesuit Refugee Service and their efforts to uplift and empower the next generation. By opening our doors and sharing our expertise, we hope to inspire these young minds to explore the vast opportunities within the technology sector,” concluded Roger Sekaziga, CEO at Roke Telkom.

Erick Katende