Three Arrested in Gulu Over Forged Documents to Join UPDF

Three people have been arrested in Gulu city after presenting fake academic documents to join the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

The trio was arrested Tuesday morning from Pece War Memorial Stadium in Pece-Laroo Division during a screening exercise for shortlisted applicants from Gulu City, Gulu, and Omoro Districts.

Capt. Ahmed Hassan Kato, the Fourth Infantry Division Public Information Officer said Tuesday the suspects were handed over to the Police and are currently being detained at Gulu Central Police Station for further investigation.

According to Capt. Kato, the suspects whom he declined to divulge their names were among hundreds of applicants who had been shortlisted and had turned up for screening.

The suspects were from Gulu City, Gulu, and Omoro districts.

The army had allocated 38 slots for Gulu City, 21 slots for Gulu District, and 36 for Omoro District. The applicants were required to provide genuine academic documents and national identity cards. They also had to pass medical and physical tests.

Capt Dr. Alex Kisa, however, noted that only those found to be medically fit will be picked to undergo training for the UPDF.

The medical checks the recruits will undergo include physical body examination for scars, missing teeth, skin rashes, and missing fingers, and lab investigation for HIV/Aids, Hepatitis B, and diabetes, among others.

Gulu Resident District Commissioner, Alice Akello Opio said whereas 63 people applied for the 21 slots only 19 qualified and were shortlisted for recruitment.

She, however, said three of those shortlisted didn’t turn up while one was arrested for presenting fake academic documents.

The Army intends to recruit a total of 9,600 soldiers into its infantry forces to bolster the current over 46,000 active personnel capacity according to statistics from the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs. The country also boasts of an additional 35,000 reserves.

The two-week countrywide recruitment exercise that commenced on July 1 has so far seen a total of 40 people recruited from Adjumani district in Northern Uganda.