South Sudan: NAS Rebels, SSPDF Clash in Yei Town, Six Youths Abducted

The South Sudanese People’s Defence Forces – SSPDF briefly battled “elements” of the National Salvation Front – NAS in Yei town of Central equatorial State on Thursday leading to the abduction of six young men, the commissioner said.

Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa said the fighting which lasted for about ten minutes took place at around 2:00AM at Dem Residential area in Yei Town.

Kanyikwa said prior to the attack, the SSPDF had received a report about the presence of NAS forces on Wednesday and deployed a patrol unit aroung Yei town.

This resulted in an encounter between the army and elements affiliated with rebels of General Thomas Cirillo after which the latter allegedly abducted six men aged 18 to 25 years.

“It was in an encounter of SSPDF and armed elements of the National Salvation Front who are attempting to come and do abduction from the town,” Kanyikwa said.

“They wanted to abduct young men to recruit them, it was around Dem and it lasted for ten minutes. After the encounter in Dem, they went and abducted some peple in the morning around 2AM.”

“They abducted six people aged 18-25, we already receved reports since the day before yesterday of their presence and there was a patrol and it is because of the patrols that we were able to encounter them.”

Chol Mawel