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Andrew Mwenda: Bobi Wine, Other Opposition Politicians Should Know that Museveni is a Specialist in Violence

By Andrew M. Mwenda On Wednesday, Kampala went on fire after police arrested pop star turned politician/presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. The riots continued through yesterday. The partisans on either side are in overdrive. Critics of government post videos of police shooting at crowds where some people have, unfortunately,

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Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photo

Andrew Mwenda: Bobi Wine’s People Power ‘Cult’ Simply Wants a Chance to Loot Uganda

The corruption of People Power People Power is the most trending political cult in Uganda. They are angry at the corruption of President Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. While its followers carry a deep sense of victimhood, they are not resigned but energized. They want to get Museveni

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Andrew Mwenda: Why I Think Museveni is More Democratic Than Bobi Wine, Besigye

By Andrew M. Mwenda Last week, police using heavy-handed methods stopped the MP for Kyadondo East, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, from holding a concert. Even President Yoweri Museveni agreed that the brutality police employed was uncalled for. To make a bad situation worse, the Uganda Communications Commission then ordered television

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Andrew Mwenda Breaks Silence on Uganda-Rwanda Tension

By Andrew M. Mwenda Inside the Rwanda-Uganda conflict Let me do what politicians always do – claim they run for office due to popular demand. Many people have been asking me to comment on the heightened tensions between Uganda and Rwanda. By writing this article, I am yielding to popular pressure. I

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Andrew Mwenda: Museveni is More Enlightened, Informed than Bobi Wine Can Ever Be in Next 100 Years

By Andrew M. Mwenda Uganda has a new hero: Bobi Wine. He is being presented to us domestically and internationally as the symbol of our struggle for democracy, freedom, liberty and social transformation. Even some of our “intellectuals” are treating him as an alternative to President Yoweri Museveni. This is the

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Opinion: Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda: Lessons for FDC from Rukungiri

By Andrew Mwenda So last evening the Electoral Commission announced the results in the bye election for the woman MP for Rukungiri. FDC’s Betty Muzanira won with 50,000 votes against NRM’s Winnie Matsiko with 46,000 - a difference of only 4,000 votes in a district that is the home of opposition

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Andrew Mwenda: Why Museveni May Rule for Life

By Andrew M. Mwenda I hold a fundamental disagreement with many Ugandan elites when it comes to the discussion of succession. In debating whether President Yoweri Museveni should go or stay we are not indulging in an abstract theoretical exercise but a challenge of practical politics. There are two positions we

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Andrew Mwenda: Inconvenient Facts about Educated Ugandans

Kikuubo is the epicenter of Uganda’s business activity, especially local business. You go there as 11am on Monday or 11pm on Sunday and the place will be busy like a beehive - people selling in shops, others loading lorries with goods to take to South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and other

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