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DP President General Mao Wants Covid19 Lockdown Totally Lifted

Democratic Party President General has called on the government to completely lift the lockdown so that people are able to go back to earning income. "We need the lockdown to be lifted so that we go back to work so that our children can go back to school and also we

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Nobert Mao: Museveni Does Not Deserve to Rule Uganda Anymore

Opinion : Nobert Mao Why there is Museveni fatigue in Uganda (Part 2) Opinion polls show that Museveni does not enjoy a winning majority. There is Museveni fatigue all over the country. He is like a man who 30 years ago gave Uganda a cheque and upon presentation has been returned to

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Aruu North By-Elections: DP Speaks Out on Knocked NRM Supporter

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has dismissed as baseless, claims that a staunch National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporter was knocked dead by the DP candidate in the Aruu North MP race on Monday. According to George Ataro-Olula, the NRM District Chairman, Bosco Odongyik (NRM supporter) was knocked dead by Bernard Obina Ologi

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