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David Obua Attacks Magogo over Mujib Kasule’s Fufa Woes

Former Uganda Cranes player David Obua has spoken out on the controversy surrounding Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) presidential election. The Fufa Electoral Committee on Monday threw out the nomination of president Moses Magogo’s challenger, Mujib Kasule. Kasule has already reacted to the rejection of his nomination that now means that

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Mujib Kasule Stings Magogo Over Fufa Election Controversy

A day after he was kicked out of the race for Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa), former KCCA FC player and Proline FC chairman Mujib Kasule has hit at the race’s sole candidate Moses Magogo castigating him for behaving like a despot. Mujib Kasule told journalists in Kampala on Tuesday

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Why Mujib Kasule was kicked out of Fufa Presidential Race

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) Electoral Committee has spoken out on decision to reject the nomination of Mujib Kasule for the race of the federation’s presidency. The decision means that Moses Magogo, the current president, will run unopposed. whhas on Monday evening pronounced itself on the status of Mujib

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