Samsung to Unveil Curved Galaxy S8+ Handset

Samsung is about to release a version of the S8 with an even bigger screen than the Note 7. According to this leaked spec page, the S8+ will have a 6.2-inch curved screen. That’s about the size of a phone book.

The phone is apparently called the S8+ and is said to be a variant of the S8 — sort of like what Apple offers with the iPhone and iPhone Plus. Samsung, always the creative type, is apparently using the plus symbol rather than spelling out the word.

The leaked spec sheet also confirms the S8+ will sport an iris scanner like the short-lived Note 7. The sheet also seems to suggest that the phone will have a headphone jack as it notes the phone will ship with “Earphones tuned by AKG.”

Chances are Samsung will reveal the phone in the coming weeks and maybe as soon as this weekend at Mobile World Congress.