Top Four Areas to Buy Land in and Around Kampala

By: Jumia House

With the recent increase in demand for land close to town brokers and agents are rushing to figure out the hot areas and scout out the land that is available in order to cash in on this trend. Due to the scarcity of affordable land within the CBD ( central business district) there has been a spike in the number in developers and investors buying land in areas near the CBD like Namugongo, kyanja and so on. However do not forget to be careful when purchasing land because due to this high demand there has been an increase in con men looking to profit from people who are desperate for a good deal.

“The increase in demand of land in areas like Namugongo, Kyaliwajala, Kiwatule and surrounding areas has caused prices to spike in areas close to the main roads.” said Chris MD of Chris Agencies.

This week Jumia House shares with you the top four areas to buy land in and around Kampala:


Gayaza is located in Wakiso, north of Kyadondo County. It is an upcoming suburb that is approximately 14.2 kilometers (28 minutes) from kampala. The price range for a 50 by 100 plots 3 -5 kilometers from the main road in Gayaza go for ten million and above. However you should note that the price fluctuates depending on the accessibility of the land. Chris says that in his experience this area is popular for investors looking to set up residential properties.


Bombo is located in Wakiso and is 30 kilometers from Kampala which is approximately 45 minutes via Bombo road. This is popular with people who are looking for farm land that is close to the CBD. A plot of land that is 100 by 100 square feet 3 kilometers from the road goes for 10 million and above.


Mukono is located 20 km from Kampala which is approximately 1 hr 4 minutes via Jinja Road. Several people buy land in Mukono because of its accessibility and amenities. A plot of land that is 100 by 100 square feet  that is 2 kilometers from the main road goes for 12 million and above.


Mityana is popular for people looking for land to carry out farming and build factories but still remain close to the CBD. it is 70 kilometers from Kampala via the northern bypass which is approximately 1 hour 30 mins. Land in this area is cheaper with an acre 4 kilometers from the main road going for five million.

It is important that you carry out due diligence when buying land, use trusted agents/brokers, involve your lawyer and make sure you triple check all paperwork before making any kind of payment.