The 8 Characters You Portray That Make People Dislike You

There are some characters you exhibit that will make people just choose to dislike you.

Sometimes, they might not choose to dislike you, but your actions and habits could make them have a bad feeling about you.

Characters like these below tend to draw dislike from people:

  1. You don’t have respect for others

Being disrespectful to other people will generally make people to dislike you. Even if you are in a higher position than them; people want to be respected at all times.

  1. You always cause a scene

There are people who always have drama around them, and choose to cause a scene wherever they go. People like these are generally disliked.

  1. You don’t know how to relate with others

Knowing how to talk to people, knowing the right things to say and things you shouldn’t say, will make people either love or hate you. If you don’t know how to relate with people, they’ll dislike you.

  1. Too much Pride

No one likes a proud person; being too full of yourself and looking down on other people will cause people to dislike you.

  1. You are selfish

Selfishness is another bad character that draws dislike. When you choose to think of yourself alone, you most certainly draw dislike to yourself.

  1. You are greedy

Greedy people are hated wherever they go; greediness is even worse than selfishness, and it doesn’t show any good in you.

  1. You never want the good of others

People who get jealous and envious at other people’s success, rather than celebrating with them will also be disliked. You give a bad report about yourself when you can’t be happy for someone else.

  1. You make life a competition

Life isn’t a competition; but when you are in steady competition with everyone around you, and make everything a competition, then you will cause people to dislike you. Living a competitive lifestyle will never draw the praise of people.

These above-mentioned characters will make people choose to dislike you. You make it hard for people to like you when you live your life like this.

Source: Elcrema