Things You Should Avoid For Beautiful, Clear Facial Skin

Most people believe that the things that make them beautiful are physical but in actual sense the cliché that beauty comes from within is realistic. You cannot afford to keep the surface when underneath, it’s slowly decomposing and in not a long run, the effects will be visible. There are traits we carry on that depreciate our beauty though sometimes we are not aware of it. You might have come across a scenario where friends you haven’t seen for a while actually ask you what happened to you, because you have really changed and not in a good way. Definitely it should click your head that there is something you’re not doing right. Here is a list of things that could actually be depreciating your beauty. Read on.

Mood swings

Friends with mood swings are usually avoided. Have you ever wondered why your friends sometimes leave the seat next to you and choose to stand? People always notice your characters. No one can stand the company of someone with unstable moods. They are afraid that they would say something and get you pissed or even run a conversation on their own. They are sceptical of approaching you with a smile because you might not return it. That will not only affect your friends but it will destroy your outer beauty.

Being self-absorbed

Avoid getting absorbed into yourself. One thing you should keep in mind is that challenges shouldn’t break you but make you. Some people are naturally quiet whereas there are people that are withdrawn because ‘the world has humbled them’. That is not the way to deal with situations. Break the shell and discover yourself. When you let the world grind you, it leaves you with furrow lines on your forehead – definitely destroying your beauty and wellbeing.


Control your ego of trying to look or be better than some other person. Why carry that weight? You can just try to improve yourself instead because you know yourself more than anyone. Why would you compete with a person when you actually don’t know them and the extra efforts they put in to be what they are? Am sorry to disappoint you but this baggage is going to break you to a point that you can’t recognize yourself. “Comparing yourself to someone is obviously a losing proposition,” says Sheila Namusaka, a beautician at Makerere University, adding that that this is a common trait at campus.

Concentrating on the outside beauty

Outside beauty is beautiful to look at but it’s a mask that some people wear to hide their true selves. However, the effort in maintaining an outside beauty might fade out. Sometimes people go ahead to bleach but it backfires and age catches up with them easily. Others tend to go for realistic approaches like reading up Beverly Hills MD reviews or similar articles and choosing reliable cosmetic advancements that they can try for their skin health. Make up itself closes the pores of the skin limiting aeration. The outer beauty comes easily and effortlessly depending on what your body consumes. Natural fluids with no doubt will give you a beautiful sparkle if you just don’t give up on your routine or healthy lifestyle. Yes, you can opt for surgeries if you feel the need for them. For instance, if you have got a lip filler, you can opt for lip filler aftercare and take care of yourself. However, keep in mind that it all boils down to how you represent yourself to the outside world.

Bad attitude

Think positively and you will definitely see positive results unfolding. Once you inhale negativity, you can’t survive its bad effects like doubt, depression and being angry, and scratching to discover the faults of others. Negative attitudes limit your ability to fly. You always thinking “it’s not going to be possible”. You need help and motivation, so surround yourself with people who are ambitious. You need positive energy because with it comes happiness, and everyone knows joy will enlighten your outside beauty.

Self-esteem issues

Believe that you are made of God’s image and there isn’t anybody like you. You are perfect. Self-esteem comes by first loving yourself and accepting your true self. Some reality TV shows have exhibited the extent to which people go to enhance their beauty through plastic surgery just to increase their self-esteem and there’s nothing wrong with it. If you feel like doing a nose job (check Rhinoplasty Vancouver) or a facelift, go for it! Even if you don’t have that chance, the way to build self-esteem naturally is through accepting yourself. No one can love you without you loving yourself

It’s good to be hard-working, but what’s work without happiness? Your career should be centered around your happiness, the most important reason why people take up their passions as careers. But just in case the world fixed you where you are right now, don’t be depressed about it. Find a way of balancing your work schedules and having time for fun. Find a day where you can go out with your partner and just be silly, get loose and shake off the stress. You need to set aside time for self-care. If you feel like your stress is burning you out, maybe you can also consider using CBD oil, vapes, or similar cannabis products. Otherwise, work might not only kill your beauty but kill you as well.

Tricia Ishimwe