Video: Desire Luzinda Goes Spiritual In “Lwakisa”

In life, when you are hit by tough times, it’s hard to forget them, especially when you know you have children or relatives that could one time suffer the upshot of what occurred to you.

The songbird Desire Luzinda in her latest song, “Lwakisa”, tries to reflect and blow off all the bad news that hurt her badly during her nudity spiel.

The video, in which she sings that she is been able to thrive in life because of god’s mercy (Ekissa), begins with a clip showing the TV breaking news about her nude exposure and also a picture of the tabloid paper that penned scathing write-ups about her.

“Lwakisa”, recorded in mid-tempo beat, was shot and directed by Jahlive films and is a very inspirational song.

Watch video here:

Marion Ayebazibwe