Kamara Declares Mak Forestry School GRC Bid

Makerere university’s political kingpin Giftson Kamara has declared his candidature in a guild parliamentary position.

The famous humble chap from Livingstone hall and flamboyant 19year old 2nd year student of Bachelor’s of Social and Entrepreneurial forestry at the Makerere school of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences made public quest in one of his official social media account.

The post which read; “I will vie for GRC SFEGS this year. Let’s make this good news spread like awesome wild fire by adding our fellow students from our mighty school to this group.”

Adding that; “I believe together we can make a significant change to our school. To be or not to be, we shall win this race,” Kamara said.

With his popular slogan “One community One commitment” Kamara’s declaration sparked off overwhelming reactions in his school with several students openly declaring their support to the young fellow.

Flamboyant Giftson Kamara

This outgoing selfless, and spirited young man shared school with the current Chief Justice of Uganda Magunda Bart Katureebe and the FDC Party Boss, also a once an army commander reputable at that Gen. Mugisha Muntu Gregory at Muntuyera High School -Kitunga, a single sex boys school located in Kajara county in Ntungamo District.

Kamara also joined St Leos College, Kyegobe from where he later joined Makerere University after serving as a Disciplinary Minister during his advanced level school life.

Because of Kamara’s binding commitment to demanding for accountability of students money especially during recess term, his classmates prefer calling him “The Leader of Opposition”

Once elected, Kamara hopes to keep accountability demands to his fingertips especially in the students guild which he says many a time, students are robbed of their guild fee and students leaders squander it and walk scot-free without accounting for it.

He also hopes to provide timely feedback to students at his school as well as bridging gap between the Forestry school, his department and Alumni as well as other related bodies such as tye National Forestry Authority (NFA) among others.

The Towerpost has learnt that if Kamara wins, he will have set the record as one of the youngest GRCs to enter the 83rd guild house.

Moses Kayigwa