5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends about Your Relationship

Our friends are there for us to share our life with and support us through hard times, but there are certain things about your relationship that you should think twice about before sharing.

For example, if you are having relationship or marriage problems, you may not want to tell your friends about it. However, if you have reached the point where you probably want to get a divorce; and you need a lawyer, your friends may be able to help you find a reputable law firm in York PA, or wherever you live. There’s no need to go into specifics. Just be honest and say something like, “I just wanted to let you know that my partner and I might be getting a divorce soon.”

That way, they can then support you and assist you in seeking legal counsel without having to know each and every detail of your relationship. But, there are a few things you may not want your friends to know, even if you have recently divorced or just had an argument about something. Like, if you are divorcing your partner and have a child together, you may need to provide some paperwork to win custody of your child, such as prenatal testing NI records. It would probably be a supporting document that might be utilized to assert your parental rights. However, you might not want your friends to know about this aspect of you and your partner. Similar to that, here are a few things you would want to keep a secret:

Check them out below

Arguments with your partner

Every couple has arguments in their relationship but it’s wrong running to your friends to discuss every argument you have. The problem with telling your friends about arguments with your partner is that your friends will always remember them even after you and your partner have forgiven each other. It could be anything. Maybe you have trouble with money or divorce problems or some very serious decision regarding paternity test while pregnant at home or in hospital. It’s your personal intimate issue and discussing it with your friends may not work out well. It can turn them against your partner and make your partner look worse than they are. Obviously, if you’ve had a bad argument and need a second opinion you should share it, but don’t share the little things that you’ll be over in a week.


Unless you’re particularly close, discussing what happens in the bedroom with your friends is wrong. Whatever happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom. Your friends don’t need to hear a detailed account of what you did with that collar (from somewhere like etsy.com/market/eternity_collar) you used last night. You should respect your relationship and avoid discussing private details with your friends. Remember, you should never embarrass your partner with details people don’t need to know about. The only time details are acceptable is when there’s something wrong and you’re not sure what to do, and even then you should probably go to a doctor first.

Comparisons with your ex

It’s wrong to compare your partner with your ex during discussions with your friends. Unless you want your friends to think badly about your partner, you shouldn’t compare your partner to an ex in front of your friends. Comparisons can lead to unrealistic expectations which is damaging to a relationship.

Money problems

It’s wrong to discuss your partner’s money problems with your friends. This is never advisable. It’s okay talking about your own problems with your friends but it’s never okay to talk about your partner’s money problems with friends. You disrespect your partner when you discuss your partner’s money problems with your friends.

Your partner’s secrets

Your partner confided in you before telling you his/her secret and your partner trusts you not to discuss his/her secrets with anyone. Telling your friends about your partner’s secrets will destroy your partner’s faith in you. Even when you and your partner stop being together, you should still keep his/her secrets out of respect, even if they disrespected you somehow.