Celebrities Pay Tribute to Fallen Police Publicist, Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Several Ugandan celebrities have paid tribute to fallen Uganda Police Spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi .

AIGP Kaweesi was shot dead by unknown gunmen about 100 metres outside his home in Kulambiro, Nakawa Division. He was in the company of his driver and bodyguard, who were also killed.

Celebrities including musicians, socialites and comedians among others have taken to social media to mourn the Police Spokesperson.

Here are some of the messages:

“Ohhh my God this is unbelievable, I really loved this man.RIP FELIX KAWEESI”Mikie Wine

“Kitalo nyo bambi… My clan mate AIGP Felix Kaweesi shot dead”Singer, Liane Nakaweesi

“If unknown assailants can shoot down a police spokesperson and other government and army big shots as we have seen in the recent years, how about omuntu wo wansi? The next person in his place should be given a second escort vehicle. Immediate gun control is needed. Kitalo nnyo! RIP Afande Felix Kaweesi.”Rapper Sylvester kabombo

“Dark morning”Bobi Wine

“Andrew Felix Kaweesi RIP mukama akulamuze kisa”Maureen Nantume

“O.M.G Rest in Peace Afande Felix Kaweesi. So shocking. #RIPAfandeKaweesi”MC Kats

“Its 4 am in states just woke up to this sad news my crush ,my man mr.handsome is gone but why really ?am broken into pieces we not safe at all we living in awar zone .its reality we are denying . RIP MR HANDSOME AFANDE FELIX KAWEESA U DIED AS A HERO IN YOUR UNIFORM.”Sheilah Don Zella

“R.I.P AIGP Felix Kaweesi Andrew”Singer Fille



Audrey Ninsiima