Mwenda Hits Back at Stella Nyanzi: She is Shallow Minded

Controversial veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has described Makerere research fellow, Dr. Stella Nyanzi as a “shallow minded pseudo-intellectual” with a “deep seated intellectual inferiority complex.”

Dr. Nyanzi has been in lime light following her recently launched war against the first lady and Minister of Education, Janet Museveni.

Minister Janet says the government does not have funds to procure pads for school girls in this financial year, something Dr. Nyanzi didn’t agree with.

She would later launch a campaign to solicit funds for pads, one which has become a national campaign.

In her missives via facebook, Dr. Nyanzi continues to abuse the first lady and calling her names, which consequently resulted to his suspension from Makerere University although the first lady said she had forgiven her.

Commenting about the situation, Mwenda said that Stella Nyanzi seeks to provoke rather than promote dialogue with the first lady.

Dr. Nyanzi would later label Mwenda a “Gun for hire”, reliving their time as classmates at Makerere University.

“We shared a class at Makerere University. No wonder, I always beat you at creative writing. Unlike you, I am not a gun for hire. My pen serves me and mine always,” She wrote.

In his response on Saturday, Mwenda said Nyanzi’s brain can only process vulgarities which won’t help the situation.

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The problem with Stella Nyanzi

So after her uncouth response to Mrs Museveni, Stella Nyanzi has responded to me with the same shallow mindedness typical of her ilk. She was my classmate for three years and claims to have been better than me in creative writing.

May be! I know I was the best student in our class of mass communication 1996 and the records are there at Makerere.

But this does not give me any special status in Ugandan journalism or intellectual life. My work should be judged on its merit, not my class performance.

Stella Nyanzi’s vulgarities are a sign of a deep seated intellectual inferiority complex. She is unable to respond to intellectual arguments with intellectual arguments.

So she retreats to indecent, obscene and vulgar words and phrases to advance her empty arguments.

She is a pseudo intellectual with nothing to offer but is instead projecting her insecurities through vulgarities.

Like many admirers of Uganda’s opposition presidential candidate for life, Kizza Besigye, Nyanzi’s only argument against those who disagree with their extremism is that they have been bribed.

She is not only factually wrong (Museveni has never and can never bribe me) she is exposing the emptiness of her brain. It cannot process anything except vulgar cliches.

Many radical extremists who support Besigye like Stella Nyanzi cannot see that you can disagree with Museveni without being disagreeable; and you can work with him on a national objective without working for him.

You can recognize his achievements without endorsing his rule and compromise with him on many issues without being compromised by him.

This common sense cannot penetrate the thick brains of Besigye and his fanatics. Did I say last year that these people are mentally retarded?

And imagine they want to rule this country! Museveni is lucky because with such idiots as his opponents l, he can sleep quietly because instead of challenging his ideas and policies they insult his person. And that is not a formula for defeating him.

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