DP’s Mao Attacks Leader of Opposition Winnie Kiiza

Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has told journalists in Kampala that Leader of Opposition (LOP) in Parliament Winnie Kiiza “is weak”.

Mao accused Kiiza, also Kasese Woman MP, and the opposition of failure to act, and reducing opposition to drama.

“The LOP is very weak…. there is no action on the floor of Parliament… the only thing we know is walk-outs, throwing papers and drama than challenging the government on policy arena,” she told reporters during DP’s weekly press conference.

The DP president challenged Kiiza to push for policies and task government to work of pressing issues such as drought and insecurity.

“We are suffering because we lack a policy. There should be a policy on food reserve like in Kenya where they have food reserve that can last three years in case of emergency,” he said.

“In the 6th Parliament, we challenged government in the policy arena not just drama , we want less drummer and more challenge.”

Charity Mbabazi