Meet Chris Johnz, a Talented Singer to Watch Out For

Chris Johnz born John buwembo is a fast rising singer, who rose to fame early this year with his hit song “Kawunyemu” that has become a trend, the song title being one of the slangs that have been adopted by people around town.

Johnz joined the competitive industry late last year with songs like “Taata Wa Nkizo”, “Nkooye Obwomu” and “Akagere” among others.

Unlike other singers, Chris Johnz is a song writer and has penned down a couple of songs for some notable artistes he prefers not to disclose

“Singing was a hobby and taking it as a professional came later when I released my ‘Taata Wa Nkizo’ song, which was loved by many people and among them some convinced me to take music seriously and hence turning it into a profession,” he said.

Here is his latest song “Kawunyemu”:

Audrey Ninsiima