Staffers Promise to Maintain Quality as Fresh Dairy Marks Labour Day

Fresh Dairy workers have pledged to keep quality as a priority in delivery of their services at all times during their work.

This, they said while taking a souvenir photo for 2017 on Monday May 1 as they commemorated the International Labour Day under the theme ‘Securing decent work for sustainable social-economic development’.

International Labour Day is a celebration of labourers and the working class that is promoted worldwide by the international labour movement, socialists, communists or anarchists.

Mr. Chary KP, Human Resource Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘At Fresh Dairy, we employ over 500 full-time staff. We believe that even with our large numbers of staff, we must constantly put in place safety regulations and steps that act as preventative measures against work-place related accidents, which is key for fostering a decent and safe-work environment.

He added that some of the measures put in place to ensure decent and safe work environment are; ‘Wearing of proper uniforms while on duty, use of protective gear such as gumboots and gloves, designated proper emergency exits and proofing of the entire work place.’

Ritah Kasiri, a staff at Fresh Dairy over the last 5 years said, ‘At Fresh Dairy, we are committed to delivering quality dairy products to Uganda from Ugandan farms. We believe that with quality assurance, the freshness of each Fresh Dairy product is guaranteed and maintained till it reaches the final consumer.’

Charity Mbabazi