State House Chokes on Shs 4.4 billion Fuel Debt

Parliament’s budget committee has learnt that Uganda’s State House is choking on a Shs 4.4bn debt worth of fuel.

On Wednesday, State House officials led by presidency minister Esther Mbayo appeared before Parliament’s budget committee to request for a Shs 23bn supplementary budget.

The revelation of the debt was made by State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe after MPs questioned the Shs 9.5bn requested as supplementary budget in the next 44 days.

Nakyobe explained that the budget for inland travel involved paying for fuel, among others.

The State House team requested for Shs 23bn as supplementary for the rest of the FY 2016-17.

Some Shs 9.5bn of this supplementary will be spent on inland travel in the next 44 days.

Marion Ayebazibwe