President Zuma Praises Uganda’s Beauty

South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma has told exhibitors at the Indaba Tourism expo that he admires Uganda’s beauty.

Zuma spoke at the opening of the Indaba Tourism Expo where Uganda was among the exhibitors.

Indaba is the biggest tourism expo in Africa.

It is an annual event that takes place in Durban.

Zuma shared a conversation he had had with a friend on Uganda’s beauty.

“I was there admiring the beauty of Uganda, I could not keep quiet and I said this country is beautiful, and the Ugandan brother who was with me agreed with me and said ‘our country is beautiful’ and he asked me a question: ‘Do you know why Uganda is beautiful? I said well I do not know. He said ‘Uganda was the last country to be made by God when he made the world. God had a lot of material leftovers, so he played around with it to make such a beautiful country’,”

Tricia Ishimwe