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Ray of Hope as S. Sudan Rebel Faction, Government Sign Peace Pact


A South Sudanese rebel faction base in the country’s newly-created Yei River state country on Sunday signed a peace agreement with the government to end months of fighting.

The accord was signed by Brig. Gen. Hillary Edson Yakani on behalf of Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In-Opposition (SPLA IO) while Maj. Gen. Marshal Babanen signed on behalf of the Juba government.

The armed opposition faction, according to a communiqué issued after days of negotiations in the Uganda capital, Kampala declared a permanent ceasefire that takes effect from 5 June, 2017.

Babanen vowed to implement the signed agreement within 18 weeks, further adding that the rebels fighting in other states of the world’s youngest have expressed willingness to abandon rebellion.

South Sudan’s cabinet affairs minister, Martin Elia Lomoru and generals from both warring sides attended the Kampala gathering.

In March this year, however, South Sudan’s armed opposition faction loyal to Riek Machar distanced themselves from armed rebel groups who negotiated a similar agreement with Juba in Kampala, Uganda.

The negotiations were reportedly aimed at forging a new separate peace deal between the Juba government and the rebel faction.

Gabriel Lam, a rebel deputy spokesman, was quoted saying groups that meet in Kampala were individual of refugees status who fled to Uganda and denied they had connection with the armed opposition faction allied to Machar.



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