Ugandans are Bewitched, Says Archbishop Ntagali

The head of Uganda’s Anglican Church has been irked by the rising levels of land grabbing and labour export to the Middle East, wondering who bewitched the nation whose motto acknowledges God.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali was the chief celebrant at the Pentecost Sunday service held at St Peter’s Church at Naguru.

Ntagali expressed disappointment at the way Ugandan youths are being flown to the Middle East nations for employment, terming it modern slavery.

“Graduates from our universities are being trafficked as animals. They become slaves, our girls are sex slaves…” said the cleric.

On land grabbing Ntagali said “most of those people [involved in the vice] are not pagans, some of them are members of the church”.

With such problems the servant of God could not help but ask: “Who has bewitched Uganda? Who has bewitched Ugandans.”

Marion Ayebazibwe