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KCB Bank Uganda Boosts Digital Learning at Muni University


Digital content and devices are reshaping the way teachers teach and students learn, it is in this light that KCB Bank Uganda has donated 10 kindle fires to Muni University.

The Kindles are expected to enhance teaching and learning through the seamless use of digital technologies at the science based university.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Annet Ajidiru, the Communications Officer at Muni University said the Kindles will help in uploading teaching and accessing online resources.

“The lectures will be able to upload teaching resources and electronic textbooks. They are also a great way for students to consume rich digital content and additional reading resources on the internet” noted Ajidiru. “The tablets offer access to the world of Apps, which includes some of the most innovative educational software.”

The university is expecting to introduce more IT related courses like computer science, software and computer engineering courses and according to Ajidiru, the tablets will help grow its technology programs.

According to Samuel Matekha, the head of Marketing & Communications Manager, KCB Bank Uganda, the kindles are aimed at promoting digital learning at the university.

“The Kindles will help the lecturers use technology and hands-on learning devices to translate classroom concepts to the real world,”noted Matekha “We want to digitize the library and use this handheld technology to leverage learning at the university.

The tablet will be stocked with digital texts, and can hold up to 1000 digital books. “Students will now have a digital library,” said Matekha.

The Uganda Communications Commission 2015/16 industry report indicates that there has been a steady growth in internet subscribers and users in the country with an estimated 15.5 million internet users and 8 million users.




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