Jailed MP Kahonda Accuses Rival Otafiire of Malice, Influencing Court

Ruhinda County Member of Parliament Capt Donozio Mugabe Kahonda has blamed his rivals for allegedly “influencing justice” to twist court judgement.

Kahonda was Thursday handed a nine-month prison sentence after Jinja Magistrate’s Court found him guilty of eleven counts of forgery and uttering false documents.

Magistrate John Francis Kaggwa said that “it is a common offence for people to forge documents so that they can join politics”.

Kaggwa ruled that Kahonda would only serve nine months in jail instead of the three-year sentence his case carries.

“Since you have no criminal record, you are a person of a high profile [a Member of Parliament], you are the bread winner of the family, a father of seven; I have sentenced you to prison for nine months each count but you are to serve them concurrently…

Kahonda defeated Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Gen Kahinda Otafiire in the NRM primaries and the parliamentary poll last year.

Kahonda was acquitted of three of the 14 counts. He had been accused of uttering false documents of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in the name of Mutabazi Levan Dickson.

He was also accused of forging a medical report on UPDF Entry Form 199 in the name of Mutabazi Levan DicKson.


But Kahonda said his powerful rivals were malicious and keen on bringing him down.

“We are to appeal because the conviction was out of malice and influence of some individuals. This is where individuals are using their offices to influence justice but we are firm and we must go ahead with development. The people of Mitooma should stay calm,” he said.

His lawyer lawyer Cleb Mwesigwa said the appeal process had started.

“We have already filed an oral Notice of Appeal and we have applied for the proceedings. We shall also appeal against the judgment,” he said.

Moses Kayigwa