PHOTOS: Singer Buchaman Campaigns for FDC’s Kantinti, Calls Bobi Wine a Conman

Local musician Buchaman of the “Lwaki Temumatira” famehas endorsed singer Bobi Wine’s opponent, Apollo Kantinti (FDC) in the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament race.

It will be remembered that Bushman had a bitter split with Bobi Wine after accusing the Firebase Entertainment boss of exploitation.

After a while without appearing on the Ugandan entertainment scene, Buchaman resurfaced at Apollo Katinti’s campaign rally held at Wampewo grounds over the weekend.

At the rally, the singer called on the People of Kyadondo East to vote for Katinti, describing Bobi Wine as a “conman who cannot be trusted”.

Former FDC Presidential candidate Kizza Besigye and FDC party officials including the Party President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, Hon Nandala Mafabi and Hon Ingrid Turinawe among others were also present at the rally to show their support for Katinti.

The Kyadondo East by-elections in Wakiso District will be held on June 26 2017.

See photos:

Buchaman dancing with Kantinti at Wampewo grounds
Dr Kizza Besigye, Apollo Kantinti and Mugisha Muntu at the rally
Hon Ingrid Turinawe, Nandala Mafabi and other FDC party officials at the rally
Dancing entertaining Katinti’s supporters at the rally