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DP President Nobert Mao Arrested in Age Limit Protest March


Police has Thursday morning arrested the President General of the Democratic Party (DP) Nobert Mao in a protest march against an alleged plot to remove presidential age limit.

Earlier, Mao had launched the ‘Togikwatako’ (Hands Off the Age Limit) campaign at the party headquarters in Kampala.

Mao and other DP members attempted to proceed to City Square where they intended to pin a campaign banner.

A DP official in bitter exchange with police officers during one of the arrests.

Police also raided DP headquarters at City House in Kampala and arrested several members.

A DP member being arrested by officers in plain clothes. PHOTOS: COURTESY

The age limit amendment is meant to remove article 102b of the Constitution to allow Uganda’s three-decade president Yoweri Museveni run for reelection when the east African third world nation next goes to polls in 2021.

Museveni on Wednesday said there was no age limit amendment proposal, terming the debate on the same as a “nonsense”.

But Mao says, Museveni’s words cannot be trusted and that there is need to vaccinate him against the age limit removal.

“We want to tell Museveni that we are vaccinating the constitution. We know Museveni does his things slowly,” Mao said.

“Some people might be wondering why we’re doing all this when president Museveni said nothing is happening; My answer is ‘why do we vaccinate people?’ What the president is saying is similar to going to vaccinations centers and ask why people are being vaccinated when they are not sick.”

Mao said the campaign would be long term and countrywide to make the population isolate supporters of age limit removal who he said were hellbent on denying Uganda her first bloodless transition.

Its unknown where Mao has been taken but we’ll keep you posted.



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