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VIDEO: Money-Hungry Mafia is Convincing Museveni to Rule Till Death – Ex VP Gilbert Bukenya


Uganda’s former vice president Prof Gilbert Bukenya has spoken out on the controversial age limit proposal, advising MPs to think beyond the leadership of three-decade president Yoweri Museveni.

Bukenya told BBS TV, a Buganda Kingdom station that age had an impact on one’s performance as a leader.

Article 102b of Uganda’s constitution bars anyone below 35 and above 75 to stand for president.

Born in 1944, Museveni will be over 75 when Uganda next goes to the polls.

Just about a year ago Museveni said there was some scientific sense in the age limit, arguing that beyond 75, one is a bit weak.

“Beyond 75 you start having some difficulties. The rate at which blood moves to the brain reduces and the brain becomes less sharp,” Bukenya explained.

Prof Gilbert Bukenya gives his views on the age limit, he also responds to those that call him stupid.

Posted by Nyanjura Doreen on Sunday, July 23, 2017

He then advised MPs to think beyond Museveni, and to leave the constitution and focus on helping the poor.

“I would like to tell our MPs to look at the country beyond our beloved president. Don’t look at today because our beloved president is still in power. Look at the time when he won’t be in power.

“You should leave the constitution as it is: we already altered it enough. We ought to leave it as it is so that we discuss on how our people who have no food, the poor in the villages can be helped.”

He then claimed there were hungry people persuading Museveni to overstay in power. He also called on Museveni to retire.

“I think there are people forcing him, those who want money… Some people will say Bukenya is foolish. It’s okay for them to insult but I would like Museveni to retire respectfully. One time I wanted to give him the ‘Father of The Nation’ title. “

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