Besigye Tormentor Arinaitwe Gilbert Bwana Arrested for Rape

Assistant Superintendent of Police Arinaitwe Gilbert Bwana is being detained by Police in Kampala over allegedly raping a school girl.

Arinaitwe, who had become a pastor, is said to have raped the young girl in his car last week.

Police Spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye confirmed the development via Twitter, where he wrote; “ASP Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana arrested on allegations of rape. Sad!”

According to Kasingye, Arinaitwe met the girl at Police CID Headquarters in Kibuli where she had been taken by her mother, who wanted family protestation officers to counsel her because she had started to lose concentration at school.

It is then that Arinaitwe, who happened to be in the same office exchanged contacts with the girl and would later meet her in Nakawa, invite her in his car and allegedly rape her.

“But the CID are still doing investigations,” Kasingye said.

Arinaitwe Bwana is remembered in Uganda for his brutal conduct when he sprayed paper spray in former FDC Presidential aspirant Dr Kizza Besigye’s car during the 2011 ‘Walk to Work’ demostrations, damaging his sight.

Bwana later became a born-again pastor. His church is located in Masajja.


Marion Ayebazibwe