Hope for Cancer Patients as New Cancer Machine is Delivered at Mulago

The newly acquired cancer Radiotherapy machine was finally delivered at Mulago National Referral Hospital on Wednesday evening, giving hope to cancer patients in the country that are referred to the Uganda Cancer Institute for treatment.

There was however a delay in delivering the machine at the hospital on Wednesday with reports indicating that it had been temporarily held by the Uganda Revenue Authority over unpaid taxes.

The machine was procured from UJP Praha, a multi technology company in Czech Republic, that deals in nuclear, industrial and medical equipment.

It is said to have cost 664,830 with half of the money being a contribution from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

IAEA made the offer last year but the machine had to be bought after bunker to house it had to be built first.

The Tower Post understands that the construction of the bunker was recently finalized and the new machine is expected to be installed and tested very soon.

It will be remembered that the old cancer machine, which was handling over 17000 patients each year, broke down in March 2016 and had been installed 22 years ago. It was for this reason that a new machine had to be acquired.



Charity Mbabazi