Sheikh Kamoga Acquitted of Murder, Guilty of Terrorism; to be Sentenced on Tuesday

High Court in Kampala has acquitted former Tabliq Leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga of Murder and attempted murder but found the cleric guilty of terrorism.

The judgement for Kamoga and 13 others charged with the murder of clerics – Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga, Sheikh Abdu Kadhir Muwaya, Sheikh Hassan Kirya and attempted murder of Sheikh Harunah Jemba – was read out by three judges of the International Crimes Court Division.

Court will sentence Kamoga and five others who were found guilty of terrorism on Tuesday.


Court relied on the evidence pinning Kamoga and others of issuing death threats to some of the the murdered Muslim clerics.

Survivor Sheikh Harunah Jemba also pinned Kamoga and his faction of sending him flier announcing that he would be killed.

Eight of Kamoga’s co-accused have been acquitted of all the three counts of terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

They are: Amir Kinene, his brother Hakeem Kinene, Abdul Rashid Sematimba, Hamza Kasirye, Twaha Sekitto, Rashid Jingo, Musa Isa Mubiru and George William Yiga.


Marion Ayebazibwe