Why South Sudan Gov’t Grounded All UN Planes

Government in South Sudan has suspended all flights by United Nations planes across the country, accusing the international body of deviating from the right procedure of application for flights.

Information Minister Michaell Makuei Lueth confirmed the development saying the flights were suspended because the Regional Protection Force (RPF) decided to move to the Thongpiny camp without the knowledge of the government.

Makuei insists Thongpiny was not the agreed area where they should be and so they were directed to move out of that camp.

He said that once the UN has moved, the government would resume cooperation.

“We gave them a notice that as of now, we can resume the normal cooperation as before. They were supposed to submit a request to the JMCC for approval of flight but they did not present anything and as such nothing was done,” Makuei reportedly told National Courier.

“If they want to fly let them make their request as usual and it will be approved but if they just want to fly on their own that is very unfortunate” he added.

He bashed the UN for accusing the government of South Sudan of having refused to give them flight permits saying they have never applied.

Chol Mawel