Illuminati Responsible for Entebbe, Nansana Murders, Says Minister Odongo

Parliament on Thursday debated an update by internal affairs minister Jeje Odongo on what his ministry is doing to stop the spate of murder in the municipalities of Nansana and Entebbe.

Minister Odongo blamed the murders that have claimed 20 women on illuminati (devil worship).
“Eight of the nine murders in Nasana are said to have been for ritual sacrifice by a businessman using a known criminal,” Odongo said.

“The Katabi murders are linked to a serial killer called Katongole who is linked to ‘illuminati'(devil worship).”

Odongo also blamed the crime on unemployment and witchdoctors.

“There is need to address the issue of youth unemployment. Youth are lured into criminal gangs and take part in the murders’ Odongo… There is need to curb the traditional witch doctors. There is a difference between witchcraft & herbal medicine

However MPs suggested that Odongo resigns since his ministry had failed to handle the situation.

“We swore to protect life and property; we cannot continue with the minister in office when the people are killed,” said Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye.

But the minister insisted Police was on top of the situation and rejected calls for reinforcement by the UPDF.

“The situation is improving and we shall defeat this criminality like we defeated the others before.”

Some MPs said it was a conflict situation, not just ritual murders, while others wondered why Police gave attention on blocking the opposition than protecting the people.

“We are tired of this: When you report murder the police asks for fuel and allowances. [But] when it is [President Museveni’s four-time challenger Dr Kizza Besigye, there is fuel,” complained Aruu North MP Samuel Odonga Otto.

Charity Mbabazi