Eddy Kenzo: I Don’t Support Age Limit Removal

Singer Eddy Kenzo has revealed which side he stands on the age limit debate after fans grilled him for praising three-decade president Yoweri Museveni’s “wisdom, and knowledge of Uganda”.

On Wednesday, Kenzo marvelled at Museveni’s mastery of places in the country he has led for 32 years.

The Big Talent Entertainment singer watched Museveni as he tackled the land question on a live broadcast at State House Entebbe.

Pressed by fans who interpreted his praise of Museveni as an endorsement for age limit removal and Museveni’s life presidency, Kenzo said he was just giving credit where it was due.

He added that his praise of Museveni’s knowledge of Uganda’s geography and people had been misconstrued to suggest that he had endorsed his life presidency plot.

In 2015, Kenzo refused to join a team of artistes that recorded Museveni’s 2016 ‘Tubonga naawe’ (we are with you) presidential campaign song.

His wife Remah Namakula was part of the Tubonga naawe artistes.

Editor’s Note: Kenzo’s “I’m not supporting age limit” response means he wants the age limit clause deleted. But the discussion indicates a confusion between “age limit” and “age limit removal”. Nevertheless, Kenzo makes his point: he envies Museveni’s wisdom and knowledge but would not want the age limit removed. 


Samuel Kamugisha