Age Limit: ‘Killed Besigye Supporter’s Postmortem Report Implicates Police, Vindicates Besigye’

A report from a postmortem examination of the body of Edson Nasasira, a man killed last Wednesday in an age limit  consultation rally in the south western district of Rukungiri could make prosecutors think twice on slapping murder charges against the trio of opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat and party chief mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe.

The trio were arrested Thursday in the town of Kabale where they were headed for Amuriat’s rally.

They were transferred to Naggalama in Mukono district Thursday night where they have been held until Tuesday when they were returned to Rukungiri, according to FDC deputy secretary general Harold Kaija.

Last week, police had said it would slap murder and attempted murder charges relating to Nasasira’s death against the trio.

The force had also claimed Nasasira had been hit dead by a stone as locals and police exchanged fire and stones in Rukungiri.

But Nasasira’s postmortem reports indicates that he had been hit by a bullet.

“Features are consistent with gunshot wound injury,” concludes a report by three surgeons of Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale.


“Direction of injury was from front to back.”

FDC deputy secretary general read the report with a glee feeling against police.

“THE REGIME IS CORNERED!” Kaija posted on Facebook, further wondering, “They had wanted to charge Dr. Besigye and others with Murder of our own supporter!”

He now wants police to own up or tell the country who else had guns during the Rukungiri suffle.

“The postmortem report shows that Edison died of bullet wounds. Here they must prove who had guns that day.”


Samuel Kamugisha