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How to Drive Safely in the Rain


Driving in the rain can be both tricky and scary, and we know that it can increase your risk and potential for a dangerous situation for you, your family and other drivers.

Here are some the tips to drive safely in the rain;

1. Turn on your windshield wipers. 

2. Slow down. Wet roads reduce your traction, and slowing down reduces the chances of you skidding out, and will give you more time to react to emergencies.

3. Turn your lights on. Your headlights will make it easier for other drivers to see your car.

4. Stay focused. When you’re behind the wheel, it’s important to always pay attention to the road, other cars, and pedestrians.

5. Stay five seconds behind the car in front of you. This will give you and the cars behind you more time to react to traffic.

6. Avoid slamming on the brakes. Slamming on the brakes can cause you to slide forward, and you won’t be able to control the car.

7. Pull over if necessary. If you can’t see the sides of the road, the cars in front of you, or your surroundings at a safe distance, pull over. Keep in mind that sometimes the best driving decision you can make is to stay off the road completely until the rain reduces or stops.



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