“I Will Continue Singing But As a Solo Artiste” – Weasel

Singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has revealed what next after the death of his counterpart Mozey Radio with whom they made the popular music duo Radio and Weasel

Weasel revealed that he will continue singing, adding that the Goodlyfe camp and his music career are not about to end.

“I can’t disappoint Radio by getting someone to act like him, I will be singing alone,” the singer said.

The singer also revealed that that as a duo they have unreleased songs to last the next five years.

“We have a lot of unreleased music in almost every studio in Uganda, and it can serve the industry for more five years,” Weasel said.

“I have heard very many people say that my career is dead since my brother Radio is gone. I will prove you wrong because I’m a musician with very many solo projects and I am going to become stronger and much more serious with my reggae music. Radio will not be happy to see me stop here when we worked hard to get here. I’m sure he expects me to keep holding the Goodlyfe flag high which I will do,” he added.


Tricia Ishimwe